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Rebalance your health with PEMF Therapy

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Individual/ Person

Sit in our comfortable travel chair or in a chair of your own with our chair pad accessory for a whole body session.   Add in some focus therapy with our ten inch paddle accessories to diversify the possible health benefits.

30 Min - $40 / 60 Min - $60



Let us help your equine partner with our extra large sized loop and medium sized loop accessories. These allow us to provide maximum coverage of the body.  

60 Min - $100


Small Companion Pet

Our large pet pad accessory is able to handle the companions of the bigger size range as well as allowing the pickiest smaller friends the ability to choose where they prefer to sit or lie during the session.  Our medium sized loop accessories give us the mobility to focus the pulse on specific areas. *Please note that not all options are available at all locations.*

15-30 - Min - $35

30-45 - Min - $50


Combination Sessions

Combos allow owner/handlers to share the time and experience with the pet.  Each combination session saves OVER 20% when compared to sessions used separately. *Please note that not all options are available at all locations.*

60 Min - $125 / 30 Min - $70


Contact Information


80 Bumps Intervale Rd Campton NH 03223


Dan 603-748-1522

Kylie 603-325-8822


ALL DAYS: 9am - 7pm

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Manny and his yellow box from RoMan Bear.


Introducing RoMan Bear: The Story Behind Our Name


RoMan Bear is more than just a business name; it's a reflection of our deep passion and love for animals. As devoted animal lovers and proud pet owners, we wanted a name that truly embodied the essence of who we are and what we stand for.


Our journey to find the perfect name took us through various options, but none felt personal enough to represent the heart and soul of our endeavor. That's when inspiration struck, and it came from the three furry companions who bring immense joy to our lives every day.


First, there's Roxy, our loyal and spirited 5-year-old German Shepherd. Roxy's unwavering loyalty and boundless energy symbolize the dedication we pour into our work and the strong bond we create with our clients.

Next, we have Manny, the 5-year-old playful and affectionate Boxer. Manny's nurturing and protective instincts resonate with our commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for all animals under our care.


Lastly, but by no means least, there's Bear, the wise and gentle 6-year-old Lab cross. Bear's  friendly and warm demeanor reflects the approachable and caring nature that underpins our business philosophy.


Combining the first letters of their names - Roxy, Manny, and Bear - we arrived at RoMan Bear, a name that encapsulates the love, compassion, and dedication we bring to our work. It represents the trust our clients can place in us, knowing that their beloved pets are in the hands of fellow animal enthusiasts.


At RoMan Bear, we are more than just a business; we are a family, united by our shared love for animals. Our name is a tribute to the three wonderful companions who inspired us and continue to be a driving force behind everything we do.


With RoMan Bear, you can rest assured that your furry friends will receive the utmost care and attention, as if they were our very own. We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and loving environment for all animals, and our name is a testament to the values we hold dear.


Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey, and we look forward to welcoming you and your beloved pets into the RoMan Bear family.


Handsome and happy Styles

As owners of our own boarding stable in Campton NH we have a deep understanding for the need to aid our equine family members feel and perform at their best.  As well as working hard in physical careers all our lives we looked into finding a way to help rebalance our own health.  This search led us to PEMF therapy.  Having over ten horses, three dogs, 2 cats, and human family of all ages, PEMF spoke to us on all levels.  The possible health benefits to all were endless.

Now we have chosen to share this opportunity with all of you.  If you feel like you, your pet, or family members would enjoy a chance to rebalance their health please contact us for more information today.

Without the help of RoMan Bear llc and Kylie, Kudos recovery would not have been as quick or drastic.

Erin, NH

Kastle Equine

RoMan Bear llc is proud to be associated with Kastle Equine, a remarkable horse farm in Campton NH.  Our fully insured and comprehensive PEMF therapy services are now available at this exceptional location.  Take advantage of the convenience by scheduling a session today! Visit our sister website for more information on Kastle's services.  Simply click the button below and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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